Independent curator Kelani Nichole will open a so-called ‘net art gallery in Bushwick on March 16th, Whitney Kimball reported for the L Magazine, just now. Great. Transfer, as the space is called, begs a few questions: What is the relationship between the digital and physical gallery space in 2013—is it a symbiotic one? Is it a necessary one?

Moreover: Why are individuals seemingly superseding institutions (and corporations!) as the new, true patrons of digital art? I believe that this small phenomenon relates to the impulses that drive arts patronage at its bottom line: We fund the things that we love and believe in. ‘net art is ultimately an intensely personal experience—Kate Bush really did nail it, didn’t she?—and the emotional connection that a person (a person with disposable income, I might add) forges with a given artwork, mediated by hardware and the interface as it is, is worth more than the collective institution may be able to feel, after all.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Transfer.